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1. Obesity Fighter :  Includes proprietary blend of 7 ingredients that are proven to combat obesity.
2. Flushes Fat and Toxins : Secret formula’s powerful agent flushes both toxins and fat
3. Suppresses Appetite: Combines Two unique appetite suppressants in the formula
4. Boosts Metabolism :  Powerful metabolism booster is included

As you can see…Superior to HCG Diet Drops™ fights fat in four key ways , and if you’re going to have any luck losing weight, you NEED to try this program.

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Further Superior to HCG Diet Drops™ incorporates a proprietary 1000 calorie diet plan (NO 500 VLCD diet). Superior to HCG Diet Drops™, when combined with our proprietary 1000-calorie protocol, signals the hypothalamus to release accumulated fat stores.

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